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Airbnb Setup

Setting up your Airbnb property is an exciting opportunity to create a welcoming and memorable space for your guests. At Happy Homes Professional Organizing, we specialize in transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. Here’s how we can help you delight your guests and maximize your rental success:

Curated List of Suggested Items to Purchase

Every great Airbnb starts with the right essentials. We provide a curated list of suggested items to purchase that will enhance the comfort and functionality of your space. From cozy linens to practical kitchen gadgets, we ensure you have everything your guests might need.

Custom Product Plan for Every Space

Your Airbnb should stand out from the crowd. We create a custom product plan for each area of your rental, ensuring that every room is beautiful and practical. Our plans are designed to optimize the use of space and enhance guest satisfaction.

Why Our Clients Love Happy Homes

Virtual Product Plan Presentation

With our virtual product plan presentation, you can see exactly how your Airbnb will look before we implement any changes. This online review session allows you to visualize the transformation and ensure everything aligns with your vision for the space.

One Set of Edits to Product Plan

We strive for perfection and your complete satisfaction. After our initial virtual presentation, you’ll have the opportunity to request changes. We offer one set of edits to your product plan, allowing you to fine-tune the details so that the final setup perfectly matches your expectations.
A young boy standing by a closet with baskets, looking curious and ready to explore.

Purchasing and Installing Organizing Products

Leave the logistics to us! Once you’ve approved the product plans, we take care of purchasing and installing all the necessary organizing products. We handle everything from stylish storage solutions to decorative items, ensuring each piece contributes to a cohesive and inviting environment.

Ready to Transform Your Airbnb?

With Happy Homes Professional Organizing, setting up your Airbnb is a breeze. Let us help you create a space guests love, rave about, and return to. Contact Happy Homes Professional Organizing today to start crafting your perfect Airbnb setup!