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Virtual DIY Organizing

Our virtual organizing services help you save money with professional organizing expertise tailored to you and your home.

What's included in our DIY Organizing Sessions

  • Video call with one of our professional organizers
  • Plans for your space
  • Step by step walkthrough with everything you will need to have your space looking amazing
  • Convenient product links to be shipped to your door
  • Expertise from professionals to save you time and money
A woman holding a container of strawberries in front of a refrigerator.
A woman carefully arranging toys in a basket, creating a neat and organized display.

Personalized Zoom Call Consultation

Our process kicks off with a personalized Zoom call to learn about your space, goals, and budget. This initial meeting lets us see your space virtually and understand your organizational challenges and aspirations. It’s the first step in tailoring our services to fit your unique needs.

Customized Product Plans for Each Space

Based on our Zoom consultation, we create customized product plans for each space in your home. Whether it’s your cluttered home office or chaotic kitchen, we design solutions that optimize and enhance each area. Our plans are crafted to align with your goals and budget, ensuring they meet all your organizational needs.

Two women in a kitchen chopping vegetables and stirring pots.
A drawer filled with various kitchen utensils and tools, including knives, spoons, and spatulas.

Interactive Virtual Product Plan Presentation

Once we’ve drafted your product plans, we present them in a detailed virtual presentation. This allows you to see our proposed solutions and visualize what your organized space will look like. Our interactive virtual presentations allow you to ask questions and get clarifications in real-time.

Edits to Product Plan

We aim for complete satisfaction and understand that tweaks may be needed to get everything right. That’s why we offer one set of edits to the product plan after our initial presentation. This is your opportunity to make adjustments and ensure the final plan perfectly suits your vision.
Hannah, a professional organizer utah is organizing a Closet organizer
professional organizer utah organizing kitchen

Convenient Links to Purchase Products

After finalizing the product plans, we provide links to all the items in your final product plan. These links make it easy to purchase the recommended products at your convenience. This streamlined approach allows you to order everything needed to achieve the organized space you’ve envisioned directly and without hassle.

Professional Organizing Made Easy

With Happy Homes Professional Organizing, achieving an organized home is a click away. No matter where you are, our virtual organizing services are designed to guide you through the process of transforming your space efficiently and effectively. Contact us today to schedule your first Zoom consultation and start your organizing project!

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