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Welcome to Happy Homes Professional Organizing

Hi! It’s Hannah, I am so excited to have my website up and running! I am so passionate about organizing and business, so this is the perfect career for me.

I have enjoyed organizing for as long as I can remember and love the sense of order and peace that it brings. I started with rearranging my room once a week and color coding my closet and dresser and spread to organizing every inch of my parent’s house. It wasn’t until after I served my mission in Buenos Aires, Argentina when I was watching the new Netflix show, “Get Organized with The Home Edit” that I realized I could make it a career!

Since then, I have organized a bunch of family and friend’s spaces and even the Mentionable’s Warehouse and Wolfe Dental in Hillsboro, OR. While being in school I felt overwhelmed trying to start this business on my own with minimal knowledge, so I applied to work with Orderly! I have worked with Orderly’s owner these last 9 months and have learned so much!! She is incredible and taught me so many things to help me improve my work. As I am getting closer to graduating, I plan to pick up the pace with Happy Homes and continue to do what I am passionate about. Professional Organizing professional organizer near me home organizers near me.